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Florida Supreme Court Reinstates Personal Injury Award for Defective Office Chair

Florida retailers must always be aware of their potential liability should a customer suffer injuries in their store. A retailer has a duty to maintain premises in a safe condition and to warn customers (or other “invitees”) of any hazardous … Continue reading

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Florida Supreme Court Poised to Hear Landmark Workers’ Compensation Case

Florida law requires most employers with four or more employees (part- or full-time) to purchase workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance compensates employees for injuries suffered on-the-job while limiting employer liability. In Florida, an injured worker may claim temporary disability benefits … Continue reading

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Federal Law Limits Shippers’ Liability, Even In Cases of Intentional Misconduct

If you’re a Florida retailer that does any business across state lines, such as sending or receiving packages, you need to be aware of federal laws that may affect your rights. While Florida law governs most business transactions and torts … Continue reading

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A Brief Guide to Florida Agencies That Regulate Retailers

If you’re a Florida retailer, you may find yourself overwhelmed by the number of federal, state and local government agencies that affect your business. There are more than a dozen state agencies in Florida alone that have jurisdiction over some … Continue reading

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Understanding “Obamacare”: What the Affordable Care Act Means for Florida Retailers

Despite reports of the federal government “shutdown” over congressional opposition to the Affordable Care Act—aka “Obamacare”—the new healthcare law still takes effect as of October 1. Florida retailers and other small businesses are understandably concerned about how the Affordable Care … Continue reading

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