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Florida Supreme Court Rules Pregnancy Discrimination Violates State Law

All Florida small business owners must be aware of their obligations under federal and state civil rights laws. It is against the law for any employer to discriminate against an employee (or potential employee) on the basis of sex, race, … Continue reading

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Florida Auto Dealer Wins Free Speech Challenge to Local Sign Ban

The most complicated legal challenges a small business—particularly a retail establishment—faces is at the local level. Every Florida municipality has its own rules for zoning, building, licensing, permits, et cetera. Navigating such a legal minefield requires the assistance of an … Continue reading

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Florida Supreme Court Addresses Bilingualism and Arbitration Agreements

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, about one in five Florida residents speak Spanish. The percentage is even higher in South Florida, where the Census estimates upwards of 40% of the population speaks Spanish. Many South Floridians only have a … Continue reading

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